Who Can Speak English in BabyMonster?

BabyMonster is a group of seven girls under YG Entertainment. The group recently debuted, and now it is getting hype from all over Korea. Though the group is new, its members have a very good command of vocals and dance, which we can easily see in their first single release, Batter Up. Because of the BabyMonster hype, everyone is very curious to know who speaks English in the group and what other languages they speak. The band and label that are working with the group also ensure that at least some members of the group speak English fluently, like Rose and Jennie of Blackpink.

BabyMonster members Ahyeon and Pharita are fluent English speakers, while other group members like Chiquita, Rami, Rora, Ruka, and Asa can understand and write well in English but are not fluent in it. So, all the members of the group can understand a certain level of English. Their English-speaking skill gives them an edge in easily communicating with the audience that is watching them outside Korea.

How did BabyMonster Members Learn to Speak English?

BabyMonster member Ahyeon and Pharita can speak English fluently.
Pharita is at the left and Ahyeon is at the right.

For Ayheon

Ayheon (애헌) was born in South Korea; she is studying at Hanlim Arts High School with her fellow group members. She started learning English by reading the subtitles of the animation show when she was 5 years old. She started learning Chinese at the age of 7. She also knows Korean and can speak it fluently. It means that she can speak three languages: English, Chinese, and Korean. 

For Pharita

Pharita (파리타) was born in Thailand, which makes her a native Thai speaker. She studied at Ruamrudee International School, where she learned to speak English fluently, and because of her English-speaking quality, she was chosen for the debut of BabyMonster by YG executive producer Yang Hyun-suk. She can also speak Korean, which she learned while moving from Thailand to Korea for training under YG Entertainment.

Who can’t speak English fluently?

Chiquita, Rami, Rora, Ruka, and Asa are the BabyMonster members who can’t speak English fluently, though these members can understand English very well. As the group is new, so their English-speaking interviews are not available over the Internet. But with time, we can see other members of BabyMonster interview in English.

So, if we summarize them all, it means that all the members of the group speak English and can understand it properly. Yet some members, like Ayheon and Pharita, are more fluent in English than other members. All the members of the group also speak Korean and some other languages, like Japanese and Thai. Over time, all the members can have more chances to show their English in front of others, like on international tours.

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