Who Can Speak English in Blackpink?

Blackpink is a girl band under YG Entertainment that has an international fan following and has broken many records in the K-pop music industry. The K-pop bands originated from South Korea, and owing to global recognition, not all but at least one or two members of the band must be able to speak and understand English. The band label company ensures that at least some members of the band are fluent in English, like Lexi from VCHA and Nicole from KARA.

Blackpink members Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa can speak English fluently, while Jisoo can’t. Three members’ fluency in English allows them to communicate and understand well with their English-speaking fans. Today, we will talk about Blackpink members’ English learning journey and whether Jisoo understands English or not.

How did Blackpink Members Learn to Speak English?

Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are the Blackpink members who can speak English fluently.
Lisa is on the left, Rose is in the center, and Jennie is on the right

For Jennie

Jennie (제니) was born in South Korea, but she studied at ACG Parnell College, situated in New Zealand, where she learned to speak English. To communicate and study in college, you have to learn English because it is the native language of New Zealand. Born in Korea, she is fluent in Korean, and she knows a little bit about the Japanese language. You can also watch 10-year-old Jennie learning English, which is featured in a Korean documentary for a brief moment.

For Rosé

Rosé (로제) has Korean ethnicity because her parents were native South Koreans and migrated to New Zealand. She was born in New Zealand, but later, her parents moved to Australia, where she was raised. Living in two English-speaking countries, i.e., Australia and New Zealand, Rosé is fluent in English. She studied at Kew East Primary School and Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College, where she learned and spoke English.

For Lisa

Lisa (리사) was born in Thailand, so she knows the Thai language very well. While studying at Praphamontree School I and II, she learned to understand and speak English fluently. Lisa also knows Japanese and Chinese a little bit. Lisa disclosed her multi-lingual talent to the public in her interview with Rolling Stone, which was recorded in May 2022.

Why Jisoo can’t Speak English?

Jisoo from Blackpink, can't speak English fluently but understand it very well.
Jisoo can’t speak English

Jisoo (지수) was born in South Korea, where she was a native Korean speaker, but that doesn’t mean Jisoo can’t speak English. She understands English very well but doesn’t like to speak it. Additionally, she learned to speak Japanese and Chinese, as stated in Time Magazine.

So, in short terms, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa can speak English fluently, while Jisoo can’t speak English fluently because she doesn’t want to do it but understands it very well. Next, you can also learn about when Blackpink members debuted and what their current ages are or who can speak English in Babymonster.