When Did BabyMonster Debut?

BabyMonster, also known as “Baemon,” is a new pop rookie girl group. It was launched by the South Korean music company YG Entertainment. The group consists of seven female members. Their names are Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Rami, Rora, Chiquita, and Ahyeon. BabyMonster officially debuted on November 27, 2023, at Midnight KST by releasing the single titled “Batter Up,” with six members (except Ahyeon). Now, we will discuss who composed the BabyMonster’s debut album, their first show after the debut, each member’s introduction to the public, how they were selected for the group, and why Ahyeon was not available during the group debut single and promotion time.

BabyMonster Debut Album, First Show, and Members Introduction

The lyrics of BabyMonster’s “Batter Up” single are written by Jared Lee (an American rapper), Yang Hyun-suk (a former member of Seo Taiji), Asa (a BabyMonster member), Choi Hyun-suk, Lee Chan-hyuk, and some other song-writing teams of Noise and Big Tone. Its music is composed by Chaz Mishan (an American record producer), Yang Hyun-suk, Dee. P (a South Korean producer), Jared Lee, and Asa. The Batter Up single was released digitally, and within 24 hours, it got 22.59 million views, which makes it the most-viewed K-pop debut music video in one day. The song also gets the 101st position on the Global 200 Music Chart 2023 list, as per Billboard.

BabyMonster official debut single Batter Up

BabyMonster is a new group that has recently debuted, so they haven’t done any official shows since their debut. But they had shown their appearance on the reality show “Last Evaluation” and also in their pre-debut song “Dream” on May 14, 2023, at Midnight KST.

On January 12, 2023, BabyMonster’s members were publicly revealed in order: Rami (Haram), Ahyeon, Chiquita, Asa, Rora, Pharita, and Ruka, through a gradual release of YouTube videos between January 11 and February 5, 2023, where each member was performing live. All the members of BabyMonster joined YG Entertainment as trainees. However, many of its members are directly recruited by the company itself.

Through auditions, many members like Rami, Ruka, and Rora worked with some other famous K-pop groups and also got some years of training experience. Some members, like Pharita, were chosen out of 1,226 applicants in July 2020. Asa and Ahyeon auditioned for the label in December 2018. The final member, “Chiquita,” is directly recruited by the YG team, and she also gets the shortest training of three months among all the members.

Why Ahyeon was not available at the Group’s Debut?

BabyMonster member Ahyeon was not present at the debut single Batter Up with other members, though she was chosen by the company in the official lineup of BabyMonster. She was also introduced as one of the official BabyMonster members. The reason for this is her bad health conditions, due to which she had to take a break from her training and not participate in any activities or promotions for her group. From her debut to the current scenario, Ahyeon is not in the group, but she will join it soon.

This seven-member girl group, “BabyMonster,” is prevalent among young Koreans. The group is all-round in all fields, like rap, vocal, and dance, and every member excels in skill as an elite one should. So, this is all about BabyMonster’s debut date, time, album, and music composer. BabyMonster is the new Blackpink in the Korean singing culture. If you want to read about it more, then read: How old are BabyMonster members? Who can speak English fluently in the band? And what zodiac signs do they have?