About Us

Hello, Everyone. The Kpop Solutions website was founded in October 2023 by Alex Paul (from the United States of America). The author has a keen interest in the K-pop industry and their celebrity. Originally, this website mainly focused on providing the current Ages of your favorite K-poop celebrity from any band or group, whether it is BTS, Blackpink, NewJeans, or Fifty-Fifty. I dedicated this website to all the K-pop fans who are interested in knowing about their favorite K-pop celebrities’ ages.

From January 11, 2024, you will get the K-pop band members’ ages, when they made their Debut, their Leader, MBTI type, who can speak fluent English in the band, where members came from, their comeback, and what are their Zodiac signs. Don’t worry; we will soon update the description of our website and make all other necessary changes that are beneficial for our users.

The first Article published on the Kpop Solutions website was on 30th October 2023. This website focuses on citizens of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Philippines, India and other countries. You can easily access this website from all across the globe if you have an internet connection on your device.

Alex Paul, with his team of 5 other experienced authors, writes, edits, and publishes the article on this website in the English Language so that you can’t miss the article of ages, debut, group leader, language speaking, MBTI test, nationality/ethnicity, comeback and Zodiac sign of your favorite K-pop group. Every article is deeply researched, easy-to-understand, and directly answerable format before publishing on the website and also updated frequently in order to provide you with the current age of your favorite K-pop celebrity. All articles are human-written (without using any AI-written articles), and not a single one is published without checking the quality of the article in order to provide the best content to the readers and prevent any misguiding information.

If you also want to talk to us then you can visit our contact page.