Who can speak English in Kiss of Life?

Kiss of Life is a South Korean K-pop group of four girls under S2 Entertainment. It’s a new group that is becoming very popular in South Korea. The group also wants global recognition, so they also have English-speaking members. This group has members from other countries. S2 Entertainment manages the English training of the members so they can speak fluent English.

Kiss of Life members Julie and Belle speak English fluently because they are from the United States, while Natty and Haneul don’t speak English but can somewhat understand it. English-speaking skills allow members to communicate well with the fans outside Korea. Below, we will discuss who speaks English and other languages and where they learn from in depth.

How did Kiss of Life members learn to speak English?

Julie and Natty can speak fluent English in  Kiss of Life band girl band by S2 Entertainment.
Julie is on the left, and Natty is on the right.

For Belle

Belle was born in Seatle, Washington, USA, where she lived for 8–9 years. As we all know, English is the native language of America, so she earned it there. She also speaks Korean because she came to Korea when she was eight years old. Belle’s ethnicity is Korean because her father is from Korea, and her mother is from Paris, France. Her father is a Korean singer, so she also gets advice from his father.

For Julie

Julie was born in Hawaii, United States, and came to South Korea when she was 13. She learned English when she lived in the United States, and her ethnicity is Korean. She can also speak Korean fluently. Her mother is a fashion designer.

Member Who can’t Speak Fluent English

Natty and Haneul can’t speak fluent English because Natty comes from Thailand, and her native language is Thai, but she can understand English. Haneul comes from South Korea, so she only speaks Korean fluently, but she can also speak English. Both of them don’t need to speak English so much because both Julie and Belle do all the right things regarding English.

So, in short, Natty and Haneul can’t speak English fluently, and Belle and Julie are the only group members who can speak English. The group is too new, so in the future, we can see English interviews and the English-speaking skills of other members. Next, you can read about who can speak fluent English in Blackpink and Babymonster.