Who Is the Leader of BabyMonster?

BabyMonster is a South Korean girl group that debuted under YG Entertainment. The group is formed by the reality show “The Last Evaluation,” produced by YG Entertainments. This group is YG Entertainment’s first girl group after seven years since Blackpink’s debut. It is a seven-member band: Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Rami (Haram), Rora, and Chiquita. Among these girls, you might wonder who was the original leader of the group.

Originally, Aheyon (아현) was chosen to be the leader, but in the current scenario, she is out of the group due to her ill health, so now Ruka (루카), the second-eldest member of their group, is the unofficial leader of BabyMonster. Today in this article, we will discuss BabyMonster’s old and new leaders, their activities, why they chose to be in that position, their company names, and two facts about each of them.

About Leaders of BabyMonster

Ruka is the current unofficial leader of the BabyMonster.
BabyMonster member Ruka.

Ahyeon (아현) is a former pre-debut leader of BabyMonster, is from South Korea, and is a trainee under YG Entertainment. Ruka, the new leader of the Babymonster girl band, is from Japan and a rapper under YG Entertainment. She is also a former member of the Japanese idol group Shibu3 Project from 2017–2018.

Ahyeon is very kind, a quick decision-maker, and the oldest Korean member of the group. That’s why she is well-suited to lead the group. Though she is not the band’s eldest member, Ahyeon still fits into the role of leader, as stated by YG executive producer Yang Hyun-suk. As of now, Ahyeon is not available, and due to her ill health, Ruka will likely be chosen as a member of the group because she is the oldest among all the members of the group. She showed her leadership when the Batter Up post-release thank-you video. She directed all the members of the team to say thank you to BM7 fans in Korean.

2 facts about the Ayheon and Ruka

  • Many people think that Ahyeon looks similar to Jennie from Blackpink.
  • Ahyeon passed JYP Entertainment’s and Banana Culture’s auditions.
  • Ruka has a dimple on her face.
  • Ruka has been dancing since she was six.

There is no official leader in the group, but they will find one soon. They have to find a leader soon; it will be good for their label and the company’s growth.

So, this is all about Ayheon and Ruka, who are the unofficial leaders of the group. All seven girls in this band are very talented and put their best effort into their performances. If you want to know more about K-pop group leaders, then you can check out the leaders of Kep1er, VCHA, and Kiss of Life.