Who Is the Leader of VCHA?

VCHA is a North American K-pop girl band newly formed from the reality show A2K (America to Korea), by JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. The group consists of six members: Camila, Lexi, Kendall, Savanna, KG, and Kaylee. Among these members, you might wonder who the leader of the VCHA band officially is. As it is the first American girl band that is based in South Korea, so the leader must have enough capability to lead and manage the group.

Lexi is the leader of the VCHA group, confirmed during the interview with Teen Vogue. Today in this article, we will discuss why Lexi became a leader, what her hobbies are, and two facts about her.

About Leader of VCHA

Lexi is the leader of VCHA girl band by JYP Entertainment.
Lexi, the leader of VCHA

Lexus Vang (렉서스 뱅), the leader of the VCHA, is the second-oldest member of the group, and she was the first member of the group to be revealed. Her ethnicity is Hmong (a Southeast Asian Indigenous group), though she was born in America. She was an American trainee at JYP Entertainment and practiced ballet for 12 years.

If you think about how she became the group leader, then the answer is simple: because of her stellar performance in the A2K, which attracted K-pop fans’ attention to her. She also finished first in the contest, and the other reason is that other group members were not as capable as she was, and she is also liked by the JYP. Because of these reasons, Lexi became the leader of the group.

According to the group members, Lexi is the funniest and loudest member of the group, as proven by her MBTI results. She is a deep sleeper in the whole group; her dorm is her favorite place in Seoul; and her cooking skills are exceptional. Though she likes her grandma’s hand-cooked beef tendon soup. Her inspiration is Misty Copeland, an American ballet dancer, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

2 Facts About Lexi

  • Lexi was on the K-pop group’s cover of Prism Kru.
  • Her favorite number is 22.

So, the answer to the question of who is the leader of the VCHA group is Lexi. She is the leader of the group because of her exceptional talent chosen by JYP Entertainment, so it means she must be very good because JYP never selects any bad talent. They formed groups like Stray Kids and Twice, which are famous internationally. Next, you can also read about who is the leader of Kep1er and Kiss of Life members.