When Did EVNNE Debut?

The South Korean reality show Boys Planet ultimately formed the boy band Zerobaseone (ZB1), which is getting a lot of love from K-pop enthusiasts. But it is not the only band because some non-winners of the show with prior experience in the K-pop industry were picked up by Jellyfish Entertainment and ultimately gave birth to the new septet boy band EVNNE. Today we will discuss EVNNE’s debut date, time, and album with all its members, Keita, Park Hanbin, Lee Jeonghyeon, Yoo Seungeon, Ji Yunseo, Mun Junghyun, and Park Jihoo, including the tracklist, music composers, promotional releases, debut showcase, first show, and overall album performance.

EVNNE Debut Album, Tracklist, and Sales

EVNNE officially debuted on September 19, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. KST with the release of their first mini album, “Target: Me,” in which the lead single is “Trouble” and has a track length of 18 minutes and 57 seconds. The extended play (EP) “Target: Me” has six tracks in its tracklist, which are as follows: “Trouble,” “Role Model,” “Pretty Thing,” “Your Text,” “Jukebox,” and “Even More.” The trailer for the debut album was also released on September 5. The single “Trouble” is written by Dr. JoCha, Yu-bin (XYXX), and Rick Bridges, composed by Hongsamman, Hui Chang (Coke Paris), Noerio (The Hub), Jacob Aaron (The Hub), and The Hub 88, while arranged by Hongsamman and Hui Chang.

Lead single official music video “Trouble.”

Initially, this band was called BLIT, but due to potential misinterpretation, on August 16, 2023, Jellyfish Entertainment announced the group’s official name and debut date through a logo poster released on EVNNE’s SNS accounts. Later on August 24, the group released the promotion schedule for its debut album. Also for promotional purposes, the teasers of the lead single and highlight medley of EVNNE’s mini-album were released on September 14 and 15, respectively.

All the members of the EVNNE band are well-connected to the Korean music industry and have experience in it. The group held its first press showcase on its debut day at the Blue Square performance venue in central Seoul. After the first successful comeback of EVNNE on January 22, 2024, the group got its first show win on a program called Show Champion on January 31, where they performed the single UGLY. Their debut mini-album Target: Me got the first position on the weekly and sixth position on the monthly Circle album charts. While in Japan’s Oricon’s weekly album charts, it got the sixth position. Alone in South Korea, the album recorded sales of over 2,00,000 just within its release week.

So this is all about EVNNE’s debut with all seven members, Keita, Park Hanbin, Lee Jeonghyeon, Yoo Seungeon, Ji Yunseo, Mun Junghyun, and Park Jihoo, working under Jellyfish Entertainment. Next, you can read about how old EVNNE members are. You can also check when BoyNextDoor and Xikers debuted.