How Old Are Fantasy Boys Members? (2024 Updated)

How old are Fantasy Boys members? Their current age, date of birth, birthday, debut age and Korean age: K-Soul, Minseo, Hanbin, Hikari, Ling Qi, Hikaru, Wooseok, Sungmin, Oh Hyeontae, Gyurae, and Kaedan.

Fantasy Boys, written as 판타지 보이즈 in Korean, is a South Korean K-pop boy band of the fifth generation, like BabyMonster and BoyNextDoor. The group name means Boys, who will shine a light on Fantasy Boys, even in bad situations. PocketDol Studio, a South Korean entertainment company, manages this band of eleven boys: K-Soul, Kang Minseo, Lee Hanbin, Hikari, Ling Qi, Hikaru, …

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