Who Is the Leader of BoyNextDoor?

BoyNextDoor is a South Korean boyband group under KOZ Entertainment, a subsidiary company under Hybe Corporation. The group consists of six members: Jaehyun, Sungho, Riwoo, Taesan, Leehan, and Woonhak. Among these members, you might wonder who is the group’s leader. Jaehyun (재현) is the leader of the BoyNextDoor group, chosen because of his wide range of skills, including rapping, dancing, writing lyrics, producing music, and singing. Today in this article, we will discuss the leader of BoyNextDoor, his activities, hobbies, and his pre-debut activities.

About Leader of BoyNextDoor

Leader of BoyNextDoor is Jaehyun.
BoyNextDoor Leader Jaehyun

Jaehyun (재현), the leader of BoyNextDoor, is from South Korea, born on December 4, 2003, and works for KOZ Entertainment. He is a former trainee under YG Entertainment. He is a skilled writer, and because of this, many companies approached him before he joined the band, as revealed in an interview with Weverse magazine.

If you think about why Jaehyun became the leader of the BoyNextDoor, he has many skills, like the ability to write or produce music, as well as perform singing and rapping. Because of his multidimensional skill set, he is a worthy and well-deserving leader of the group. He was revealed as the leader of BoyNextDoor through a YouTube video titled [BoyNextDoor Tonight] released on the group’s debut day, May 30, 2023.

Jaehyun is a dog lover who likes to play soccer and is a cheerful and happy vibe-giving guy, as proven in his MBTI results. He speaks both Korean and English. His hobbies are producing music and dancing, and he also likes to write. When he was in school, he wrote poetry and took part in the school’s writing competitions. He is also a timid person who does not express himself much in front of others. He is also the most emotional member of the group; he oftentimes cries in front of the camera. That’s why his nickname is also “CRYBABY.”

2 facts about Jaehyun

  • Jaehyun’s surname is very rare in South Korea.
  • In school, Jaehyun is the captain of his sports team.

So, this is all about Jaehyun, the leader of BoyNextDoor. Currently, he is managing the group very well, and under his leadership, the group is performing well and running smoothly. Every member of the group embraces his leadership qualities. He is respected by the team and is seen as a leader with integrity. Next, you can read about who is the leader of Kiss of Life.