When Did (G)I-dle Debut?

Cube Entertainment is generally known for having talented idols who produce and compose most of their materials, like Lightsum, which introduced a sextet girl band in 2018 and made its place among K-pop lovers from its first day. Coming from a small music label company, she has still made many new records in the K-pop industry. Today we will discuss (G)I-dle debut date, time, and album with all its former members, Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua, including their debut album tracklist, music composers, members introduction, debut showcase, and sales performance.

(G)I-dle Debut Album, Tracklist, and Debut Showcase

(G)I-dle debuted officially on May 2, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. KST with the digital release of extended play (EP) “I Am,” which has a track length of 21 minutes and 12 seconds, and “Latata” serves as its lead single. The physical version of its debut mini-album I Am, was released on May 3, 2018, and has six tracks in its tracklist, which are as follows: “Latata” (the lead track), “$$$,” “Maze,” “Don’t Text Me,” “What’s in Your House?,” and “Hear Me.” The lead single Latata was written by Soyeon ((G)I-dle member), while composed and arranged by Big Sancho (part of the producing team Yummy Tone) and Soyeon. Except for the track Hear Me, Soyeon took part in the writing section of each song of the mini-album I Am.

Official music video of lead single “Latata.”

It was on April 5, 2018, when Cube Entertainment confirmed its upcoming girl band by relating the group name and logo poster. Later on April 15, 2018, the official lineup of the group was revealed by Cube Entertainment through dance busking held by Dingo Music in Hongdae, Seoul. Also, after three days, Cube revealed the group’s debut date, time, and album through their SNS account. The full identity and name were revealed through a concept photo released between April 23 and April 24, 2018. Finally, on May 2, with the release of the single Latata, (G)I-dle debuted.

On the group’s debut day, (G)I-dle held its live debut showcase at the Blue Square Market Hall, Seoul, where they performed “Latata” and “Maze.” On May 3, the group performed its lead single on M Countdown, which aired on Mnet and then performed on more shows like Music Bank, which aired on SBS; Music Core, which aired on MBC; and Inkigayo, which aired on SBS, in the same order as mentioned here. (G)I-dle won its first show on the music program The Show, broadcasted through SBS M, which made (G)I-dle group the fastest girl band to win a music show in Cube Entertainment.

Performance video of the track “Maize” on (G)I-dle debut showcase.

Sales Performance of Debut Album “I Am”

Now let’s talk about the sales performance of the (G)I-dle debut album. The debut mini-album, I Am, peaked at sixth position on the weekly Gaon Charts (now called Circle Charts) and at fifth position on the US Billboard World Album. In May 2018, “I Am” recorded sales of 15,288 copies, and in August 2018, it recorded sales of 1000 copies in America alone. (G)I-dle member Soojin left the band on August 14, 2021, owing to the allegation of bullying from former classmates, and since then, (G)I-dle has become a quintet band. The group also made its recent comeback with its five former members.

At last, (G)I-dle debuted on May 2, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. KST with the digital extended play (EP) “I Am,” which has Latata as its lead single, while its physical version was released on May 3, 2018. Next, you can read about how old (G)I-dle members are. Also, take a look into another girl band of third-generation K-pop: when did Aespa debut?